Fitcats's tailor-made natural nutrition program

Fitcat's tailor-made natural nutrition program

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Meet Erik

Your guide to a healthier you: Erik is the nutritionist whose philosophies form the backbone of Dietless. His delicious and easy to cook recipes make healthy eating effortless.

Now, on to your journey

Firstly, we’ll ask about your age, gender, body, dietary preferences and activity level.

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A meal plan to change your life

Who doesn't wish for a better life: one with more energy, a clear mind, a slimmer body. Achieve all that with Estonia's foremost nutrition program.

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Delicious, quick and varied.
Beats any restaurant

Berit's story: -10kg in 3 months

The program taught me what and how much to eat. I'm much more knowledgeable now about the nutrients I should be getting from every meal and about nutrition in general.

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Berit's success story

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